1st Sustainability in Project Management 2019 conference theme: „Sustainability leadership: inspiring action towards a better world”


Conference topics

To address these challenges in a 2-day conference it will be evident that the focus will be on the conference theme’s related issues where we want participants and presenter to come, talk, share, learn, experience and explore how by celebrating differences one makes the difference in projects & project organizations and facilitate project success in an even better

way. Even though we note that:

  • context of multi-stakeholder environment requires great leadership oriented to long

term sustainable perspective

  • huge importance lies in the fact of how company's projects fit in the world

  • development of smart cities requires smart people

Various research results show that leaders are individuals who are compelled to make a difference by deepening their awareness of themselves in relation to the world around them. Therefore, we adopt new ways of seeing, thinking and interacting that result in innovative, sustainable solutions.

Social responsibility

For social responsibility, many organizations acknowledge the importance of sustainability in their workforce.

Conference target audience

Our target audience is primarily the managers/directors who are responsible for staffing and/or recruitment of project teams i.e. managers/heads of project management and/or resources managers as well as PM discipline related HR staff. Secondarily we aim at academics, (future) project managers, women and young professionals in project management with an interest in sustainability.

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